The rumors it seems are true, as the ‘teen’ star who happens to be one of the few Nollywood actresses who enjoy maximum screen time is spotted at an event in Delta State with Ned Nwoko.

Remember, over the past few weeks, Regina Daniels has been in the news for various reasons mostly relating to her sudden show of affluence. The actress has been showing off her ‘wealth’ as it seems she has direct access to a bank account or a credit card with unlimited funding.

Rumors popped up saying the actress had secretly married a billionaire from Delta state but no concrete evidence to back up the claims. The rumored duo declined to affirm or refute the claims.

However, new evidence received today shows the actress ‘might’ indeed have married the Billionaire as she was spotted her alleged billionaire husband Ned Nwoko. The duo graced the occasion where Mr. Nwoko received an honorary doctorate degree award in Delta State. Mr. Nwoko received the said award from the Federal University of Petroleum Resources.

Is this the source of her unlimted cash? Is this the credit card with millions of dollars at the young actress beck and call? Let’s watch it unfold.




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